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Diagnosing a Disc Injury With 3 Simple Tests in Westlake, OH

By June 7, 2024No Comments2 min read

Diagnosing a Disc Injury With 3 Simple Tests | Chiropractor for Disc Injury in Westlake, OH

Hello, Dr. Greg here at Paramount Chiropractic. Today, I’ll guide you through understanding disc injuries and how you might identify them at home. The spinal disc comprises two main components: the tough outer rim known as the annulus fibrosus and the soft, jelly-like center called the nucleus pulposus. The annulus fibrosus encases the nucleus, which provides shock absorption for our spine. Damage to the annulus can cause the nucleus to protrude, leading to disc bulges or herniations, which can be quite painful and potentially cause shooting pains down your legs.

1. Valsalva Maneuver

The first test is the Valsalva Maneuver, which involves three actions that increase intra-abdominal pressure, potentially highlighting disc issues. These actions include coughing deeply, bearing down (as if on the toilet), and sneezing. If any of these actions cause pain or pressure in the lower back or trigger symptoms down your legs, it may indicate a disc problem.

2. Slump Test

Next, we have the Slump Test. Perform this by sitting on a chair and extending one leg forward with the toes pointed up. Simultaneously, tuck your chin towards your chest and lean your torso forward. If this movement causes pain or discomfort in your lower back or replicates leg symptoms, it suggests a potential disc injury.

3. Milgram’s Test

Lastly, the Milgram’s Test involves lying on your back and lifting your legs about six inches off the ground, maintaining them in this position for three to five seconds. Difficulty performing this test or experiencing pain during the attempt can be indicative of a disc issue.

These tests are not definitive but can give you an idea if a disc injury might be present. If you’re unsure or if performing these tests increases your symptoms, it’s crucial to seek professional advice. At our clinic, we can perform detailed assessments, including digital X-rays and, if necessary, arrange MRIs to properly diagnose and treat disc injuries. Remember, starting with conservative care is key. If you suspect a disc injury, don’t hesitate to contact us for a thorough evaluation. Stay tuned for more informative videos.

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